Free Classics!

Download them here
Yep, you  read the title right,  is giving away free Gutenberg Classics


How is this possible?

Well good sir, it is all thanks to project Gutenberg ebooks from, which collects expired books and puts them into EPUB, PDF, Plucker, Qiqq, TXT, and HTML! I took the liberty too put together this classics library, which is available for download at no cost!  These books are public domain, classic from the author, stock copy books, which are free of copyrights!

Do I have to worry about getting arrested

Nope! These books are LICENSED by the Gutenberg license, and are required to be free! So, the answer is no.

What are the requirements for distributing an edited copy of a Gutenberg ebook?

According to the Gutenberg license, you have to strip the ebook of Gutenberg licenses, and then you can edit away!

You can read the license here:This link


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